Why is not photo radar not used to ticket slow drivers?

Slow drivers are just as much a traffic hazards as are speeders.

Slow drivers force other drivers to slow down by breaking hard to avoid hitting them. Slow drivers also force other drivers to swerve to avoid hitting them.

On the interstate highways or freeways slow drivers are even more of a hazard because of the speed on these roads.

One can see the affects of how dangerous slow drivers are to interstate highways or freeways by simply watching the traffic flow at on ramps and stack interchanges.

You will see how dangerous the interstate highways or freeways become when a driver enters the flow of traffic at a much lower speed.

You will see the other drivers breaking hard, swerving into other lanes causing other drivers to do the same.

Photo radar is a good system to catch bad drivers but it needs to be used to catch all types of bad drivers such as slow drivers.