A book, written in the early seventies, predicted that Communism in Russia would collapse and fade from the scene without a war.  Now you have to remember that anyone in those days who even suggested that the “Cold War” would be resolved by anything other than a Hot War using nukes was laughed out of town.  Most everyone thought the battle between Democracy and Communism would culminate in a nuclear exchange and the Third World War – and probably the annihilation of the human species.    


But this author’s interpretation of Nostradamus’ prediction was spot on.   


Wait - don’t hang up yet.   


Disclaimer: Prophets, and their acolytes, that fit prophecy to events after the fact are charlatans and ignoramuses.  That describes all of the seers I am aware of over the last century.      


But the author of this book nailed a couple of things well before they happened, and even before they seemed possible.      


Excerpt: Following a rapprochement between the Eagle and the Bear, the Bear will turn away and again go its own way for a time. (This has been playing out according to script.  Bush "saw into Putin’s soul".  Warm and Fuzzies between the nations. But gradually Putin has been locking Russia’s nascent Democracy up and is now working at cross-purposes on the international scene in places like Iran.)   


But hang on for a while.  We are between the turning away for a time and the rapprochement.   


Excerpt: The Eagle and Bear will come to understand that they are brothers and join forces against the forces of the Crescent sweeping across the European and Eurasian continents.    


The forces of the Crescent allude to the forces of Jihad surging out of the Middle East.    


Excerpt: The Allied forces facing the Crescent do not use nuclear weapons. (Home territory, collateral damage?  Global Warming, pollution concerns among rational people?  Rational people want a future for themselves and their children.  Fundamentalists of any stripe tend not to care about this existence.  It’s all about the next life, so why bother, why pull your best punches?)      


When this author wrote the book in question, it was inconceivable that nuclear weapons, to say nothing of their essential delivery systems, would be available to the regimes in the Middle East.  But remember that many of the republics of the former USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) are Muslim and that as part of the USSR had and have nukes and the capability to some extent to deliver them.  Muslim Republics plus Nuke capability plus radical overthrow of governments equals nuclear capability in the hands of the Jihad.  Who’d have ever guessed it?  If this author’s interpretations of selected quatrains are valid, Nostradamus did.   


Oh, yeah - the Dragon.   Right!  


Excerpt: A 100 million man army will cross the Euphrates River.  (The author thought that had to be China, the only nation that could mount a 100 mega-man army successfully and march it across the Eurasian land mass to control the oilfields – Genghis Khan in a tank.  The Chinese military is being modernized and built up at an alarming rate, in case you hadn’t noticed.)    


While Russia was seen to be the natural ally ultimately for America, the Chinese were the ultimate threat.  You might want to keep your eye on developments in China and its creeping global influence more than on Russia.  In fact China is a more immediate threat to Russia than is either Russia or China to America.  


I am not advocating your acceptance of the prophecies of Nostradamus.  I am only sharing a little of a reading experience that has influenced my interpretations of events over the last thirty years.    


Here is the rest of the story, as best I can recall it:


Geopolitics, Bush's Messianic Mission and Nostradamus   


Take it or leave it.  It’s your choice.