When we moved into Surprise almost 10 years ago, we were told by the Realtor "Surprise will be the next Scottsdale!". As I look at my property value and see that I am 100,000 dollars underwater. I have come to realize that Surprise, is the next Guadalupe, Globe or El Mirage. Seven different peoples have lived in the house on one side of me, 3 on the other side. House with seven transients is empty again. House across the street has had 4 different people in there. Surprise, AZ . . .  Everybody underwater and the only jobs here are mostly retail clerk.                                                                                                                                                  Now, It gets better! The Surprise police department has begun to cannibalize it's own. Without the tax monies from actual people owning homes and living here (people are walking out on there mortgages) They have begun setting up photo radar (either a machine or the car) just outside of the exits of the neighborhoods. The other morning I was going to Walmart (which I can see from my backyard) and as soon as I right turned out of the neighborhood, that machine that looks like a half million dollar alien from outer space, was stationed there in the dark. . . So I gave it the finger!!! It instantly tried to to take my picture (I covered my face {without the face the can't get you} and then took a picture of my plate. I suppose in Surprise, AZ you can't even disrespect the machine . . . without them trying to pick your pocket.                                                                                                                                      A month ago I woke up with a fever, should have called off but instead took a wrong turn out of my hood as I was driving to work (because there isn't any work here) and a car was up in front of me to my right and going the same speed as me. And then it slammed on its brakes (bailing on me and as I proceeded into an area where I could see the speed limit sign, but before I could slow down . . . IT GOT ME! Freaking modern day mechanical pirate! If I hadn't had that car blocking my view up until the last second . . . this would never have happened. $220 In my own neighborhood. At least in Ajo, Wickenburg or Gila Bend the police try to ticket the out of towners . SURPRISE POLICE ARE CANNIBALIZING THEIR OWN CITIZENS.