Hitler’s Garden: Déjà vu


The rightwing is using a playbook written in blood and horror over half a century ago.  It condenses certain methods and aspects of the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich to advance its anti-constitutional agenda in America today. 

The Weimar Republic bankrupted Germany by printing German Marks without restraint.  This was done to repay reparations, imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles, in paper currency of plummeting value.  There was no clause in the treaty that disallowed such debasing of the currency: a Mark was a Mark in the view of the Allies.  No one foresaw the tactical devaluation of those marks and so the amount of those wartime reparation were couched in a fixed value at the time of the treaty.


Of course the around-the-clock printing of those Marks, while it provided the wherewithal to pay off the treaty reparations  well ahead of schedule, destroyed the German workers’ and middle class’ wealth: it was Uber Inflation by another name.  



The NAZI party made admirable use of the increasing angst to stir up its hate and fear propaganda bumper sticker “remedies”.   To an increasingly desperate Germany such simple "answers" to the  bankruptcy were tempting to accept: The Juden, Communists and the Weimar Republic were responsible for the German catastrophe as germany headed toward 1933 and the NAZI coup. 


Let’s see: 



·         Extremely high unemployment over and extended period of time;

·         Widespread discontent with the loss of middle class status and wealth to inflation;

·         Lose of homes and businesses before, and Confiscation of property after, The Enabling Act;

·         Increasingly feverish rabble rousing by the Brown shirts and Goebbels propaganda echo chamber.


Once Hitler was awarded absolute power “for six months” through the Enabling act Germany’s fate was sealed.  The Nazi party instituted a new order on the German state where:

w  Fear was promulgated constantly;

w  Loyalty was valued over competence;

w  Government business was done in secret;

w  The power structure was riddled with cronyism;

w  Dissent was not permitted and was punished severely;

w  The party claimed a higher moral purpose to justify its actions;

w  Hitler cloaked his actions in messianic revelations (fulfilling a higher destiny);

w  The ends justified the means (e.g., torture, concentration camps, aggressive war);

w  The party and the industrial-military complex were mutually supportive and profitable.


Sound a little too familiar?


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