Five years ago I wrote and posted a series of five articles on on Voice of North America concerning the lifespan of the American Middle Class.   As I wrote them it became apparent to me that there was something more going on in our socioeconomic system than met the eye over the last thirty years of its 65 year lifespan, so I summarized my thoughts in the storybook article included below.


At the risk of repeating myself, the American middle class has been under attack since around 1980, and we are seeing the culmination of this dark pogrom to exterminate it today.  It has surfaced in the Walker incident in an unusually visible way.


With the end of the Second World War a new phenomenon was born: The American Middle Class. 


This saw the growth and broad distribution of heretofore undreamed of wealth for a wide swath of a nation’s population. 


It was not destined to survive …

Jackass Economics

(Article’s Original Title)

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Posted on: Jan. 30, 2006 at 10:40 PM 


Here are secret memos leaked from a secret organization with global reach over the last fifty years.  It illustrates how the high-minded leaders of the WW-II era have gradually been replaced with the much inferior leadership of today.  


The proper title might be "A carrot and stick economy".  It is built on the principle of the jackass straining against the harness to reach a carrot out in front of it suspended on a stick over its head.  The jackass thereby pulls the economic cart along as it focuses on the elusive carrot. 


______________________ TOP SECRET MEMO _____________________________

FROM: Panel on World Economic Resurgence (POWER)
TO: Committee of Postwar Security (COPS)
DATE: 1945
SUBJECT: New World Order (NWO)  


Problem:  The world is exhausted after a decade of economic depression broken only by the horror of a global war.  A new direction must be taken to steer the world away from repeating such a cataclysm.  


Analysis:  Only a global economy that all people share in equally will reduce the risk of global war.  


Background: America, the only major nation left standing following WW II, must be the engine of recovery.  The Average American, who came of age in the Great Depression and then won a world war, is the energizer for this NWO.  


Discussion:  Millions of returning troops must be absorbed by a civilian economy so that the Great Depression does not reassert itself.  These troops, who have now been off the farm and seen “gay Paree” and the world, will not be happy with a return to pre-war living standards.  That would have unfortunate political reprocussions.
Strategy:  The Carrot and Stick economy. 


Carrot:   “The good life” - promote convenience as a growing post-war necessity rather than a pre-war extravagance and make it morally defensible to these millions of Average Americans in order to create demand for products and services.


Stick: banking on the future (buy now, pay later).  Fund demand for appliances, cars and other one-time “essentials” by borrowing on future earnings.  Erase the pre-war moral stigma associated with living “on the dole” and replace it with confidence in future earnings.   


Conclusion: This strategy will harness the Average American’s productivity because “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.”  The Average American will strain against the economic harness to keep a convenience such as a washing machine, car or house that he “possesses” and which has become a part of his life.  This in turn will be good for the economy. 


______________________ TOP SECRET MEMO ____________________________

DATE: 1955

SUBJECT: NWO Plan Update


New Carrot: “A better life for our kids.”  


Bigger Stick: Borrowing on the future (living on credit on an ongoing basis).  


Conclusion: – This will open new horizons of demand because it justifies greater (and unselfish – remember, this is still the Great Depression and War years generation) expenditure for toys, clothing, entertainment and all those things that were in short supply for mom and dad during the Great Depression and World War II.  


______________________ TOP SECRET MEMO ____________________________
DATE: 1965
SUBJECT: NWO – Progress Report 


Another Carrot: “Have it all right Now.” 


New Stick: Borrowing on the future (Credit Cards) 


Discussion: We have succeeded in eradicating the pay-as-you go mentality of the pre-war years and have crafted the consumer mentality.  The process will eventually result in the Average American becoming invisible as the Consumer takes center stage on the American economic stage.  The Consumer is an economic animal that is encouraged to expect its demands be met – now! 


Conclusion:  The emergence of the Consumer on the American scene opens up new possibilities for the NWO.  We can now begin to farm work out to cheaper global workforces and import increasing volumes of goods to feed the American Consumer’s insatiable appetite for stuff.  This will begin the process of raising everyone’s boat globally to the American Standard of living.
______________________ TOP SECRET MEMO ____________________________
DATE: 1975
SUBJECT: NWO – Progress Report 


Carrot: “Upward Mobility.”  


Stick: Borrowing further into the future (Credit Cards, loans, mortgages)  


Discussion:  A broad American Middle Class is emerging as the profitable economic engine for the expansion of the miracle of American productivity and consumption that will launch all of the world’s economic boats.  


Conclusion:  The engine of prosperity, the American Middle Class populated with increasingly demanding Consumers, is up and running.  


______________________ TOP SECRET MEMO ____________________________

DATE: 1985
SUBJECT: NWO – Phase 2, Revised Plan


Global Carrot: “The American Dream”


More Stick: Borrowing yet further into the future (Credit Cards, loans, mortgages, second mortgages)  


Discussion: It has become apparent that consumption and the wasteful lifestyle of the American Consumer cannot be replicated by the other 95% of the world’s population.  It appears that we may have created a monster in raising the rest of the world’s expectation that they too would share in the “American Dream”.  


Conclusion:  The American Consumer’s standard of living will have to be adjusted downward to the rest of the world’s level if we are to achieve the NWO’s original goal of a global economy.  That process started mostly unnoticed in 1980 and will not become apparent to the Average American for a couple of decades.  Once it is in an advanced state where it is recognizable to the Average American, it will be too late.  We will have effectively jammed the Stick up the Average American’s ass.   



______________________ TOP SECRET MEMO ____________________________

DATE: 1995
SUBJECT: NWO – Phase 2, Revised Plan  


Carrot: “Wealth building, comfortable retirement”  


Stick: Borrowing further and further into the future (Credit Cards, loans, mortgages, second mortgages, stock market bubble, job bubble)  


Discussion:  The importation of cheap foreign hi-tech labor, such as that from Tata Institute in India, by American corporations is accelerating.  The unexpected boom in technology has opened the door for congress to essentially take the lid off of H1b and other types of work visas.  A shortage of American hi-tech workers is the excuse.  This puts downward pressure on American wages and moves us in the right direction (review memo Dated 1985).  


Conclusion:  The H1b  and similar initiatives by Congress and Industry working in unison will leave the Average American’s wages adjusted in the direction of the rest of the world once the boom is over because these H1b  workers are not going back home.  Importing foreign labor is phase 1 of the revised NWO.  The next Phase is to export jobs, manufacturing and research facilities to cheap overseas locations.  


______________________ TOP SECRET MEMO ____________________________

DATE: 2005
SUBJECT: NWO – Phase 2, Revised Plan  


Carrot: survival   


Stick: Borrowing on future generation's future's (Home equity bubble borrowing to live, interest only mortgages, job loss, loss of bankruptcy protection)  


Discussion:  We have jammed the Stick up the Average Americans ass about as far as it will go, and locked it in place with the “wedgy” of a new and punitive bankruptcy law.  The Average American is so addicted to acquiring “stuff” and is so far in debt that he is essentially indentured to the lending industry. 

 In addition, the Average American is being squeezed relentlessly to be more productive.  While this has led to huge profits for Corporate America and obscene executive salaries and rewards during the Bush Regime, the Average American has not shared in the fruits of his increased efforts.  This is according to plan (review memo Dated 1985) and must continue if the Average American is to be at all competitive with the Average Chinaman or Average Indian.  In addition, we are now actively integrating the illegal immigrants flooding across the Mexican-American border into our workforce, thus squeezing wages from top (h1b) to bottom across the board.  


Conclusion:  The revised plan is being advanced according to predictions, and is far enough along so that the next step, to jam the carrot up the Average American's ass along with the stick, may be implemented without serious repercussions.  The American Consumer will evaporate and be replaced with the Global Consumer (largely China for the next decade, and then India).  The NWO will no longer be dependent upon the Jackass American Consumer, and the American Middle Class will be a thing of the past.  The NWO will have outlived its usefulness, and the New Feudal System (NFS) may be implemented without resistance.


______________________ TOP SECRET MEMO ____________________________

FROM: Presidium of Wealthy Elite Regulators (POWER)
DATE: 2015
SUBJECT: New World Ownership – NWO (new name, new plan) 


                  (Redacted - but you don't really want to know anyway



2015 is just around the corner, and I've seen nothing to change my mind since I wrote this article.  Correct me if I’m wrong.